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About The Method

RTT is for anyone who wants to change their subconscious mind

We have all decided consciously at one point or another that we would like to be different, to make changes in our life.

It could be freedom from an addiction, to feel less anxiety, or simply have more self-esteem.

To decide is never quite enough to make the changes we want.

To make changes, we need to go into the deeper parts of the mind, where the key to our programmed responses lay hidden.

It is the habitual mind, the sub-conscious mind that needs to be upgraded.

RTT is for anyone who wants to make these changes on a deep and profound level, on the level of the sub-conscious.

If the pain of your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours are becoming unbearable, then RTT is for you.

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Anything is possible when you open your mind to new beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

About Tracey

Tracey has been involved in human transformation all through her career.

As a teacher she was fascinated by the development of children and what they need for their full potential to emerge.

After having 4 children herself, Tracey has been involved in transforming people who are preparing for birth using the mind/ body science of changing the way we think about birth, which ultimately changes the way we birth. She has also used these teachings in her role as a parent educator and coach for over 18 years. Changing peoples’ experiences is what she does best – and this starts with the mind.

Now she brings you the opportunity to experience Rapid Transformational Therapy, a process developed by Marisa Peer, a world renown therapist.

She has been trained directly by Marisa and is so pleased to bring this powerful process to you.

“I now help people, from all walks of life and all ages, experience a greater freedom from their struggles, by extracting limiting beliefs – and implanting new ones.”

Prices and Packages

My goal for all of my clients is results! In each RTT session I focus on the most “all pervasive” issue that will make the biggest difference in your life. I also aim to do this as quickly as possible. Most issues will only need one session and a follow-up coaching session. Sometimes people need more. All sessions can be face to face at 12 Kett Street, Kambah, Canberra or online.

What can RTT do for you?

What People Are Saying

Tracey’s intuitive and insightful nature perfectly compliments the Rapid Transformation Therapy process. I was amazed at how quickly my fears surfaced and I really value the way Tracey allowed my session to evolve in response to my own inner guidance. My RTT session helped me to gain a deeper understanding of an issue that had been difficult to shift using other methods. RTT certainly delivers everything that it promises in Tracey’s very capable and caring hands.


Initially I was nervous about working with fears that where holding me back, but at our first session Tracey’s kindness, sensitive listening and professionalism were reassuring, and her intuitive understanding and caring guidance helped me work through the RTT stages seamlessly.  What resulted was an audio which was spot-on!  Listening to the audio every day was easy to fit into my schedule, the 21 days flew by.  What was amazing about this method was how quickly positive changes in my mindset came about and the new sense of inner joy and confidence that continues to increase to this day.  I am now more courageous in taking positive steps towards my goals and my life is moving forward again!  It is truly a wonderful therapy that I would highly recommend. 


“Tracey is a skilled, professional and empathetic RTT practitioner. I came to her with an undesirable behaviour that I was highly motivated to change. Within our two hour session she not only helped me to discover the root cause but also provided me with effective strategies to positively change my way of thinking and responding to triggering situations. This gave me the necessary tools to quickly resolve conflict in my relationship, which I am convinced will strengthen it over the longer term”


I came to Tracey with a long life issue deeply etched in my psyche. Having tried to shift this issue many times over the years I was not overly confident that change could be made. Tracey spent considerable time listening to understand the inner beliefs that have influenced my holding patterns. She then extracted a picture of how I’d like to see myself, reaching my fullest potential.
Tracey is obviously a very intuitive and sensitive facilitator. She created a safe space for me to delve back into my subconscious, then skillfully moved forward, re-wiring and re-writing my story in a beautifully articulate and positive way. The recording I received was a joy to listen to – taking me daily into a deeply relaxed space where the new pathways could be reinforced. I have no doubt that things are beginning to shift and now totally believe in the power of this transformational process.


I felt like I was swimming in a swamp of out dated programming, negative beliefs and traumas. Basically, everything in my life that I had pushed down for so long was coming to the surface to be felt and seen. I had never done RTT before but was in a space where I would try anything that would assist me in shifting these toxic thinking patterns that had been running the show for way too long. 

I wasn’t sure how it worked or even if it would work, but trusted that Tracey would guide me through. After 1 session I felt like a weight had been lifting from my shoulders. I could now see clearly where my inner child learnt to be so defensive and protect herself and where all the lack of stability and self-confidence came from.

I know I have to continue the work and listen to my recording to reprogram my brain. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling the positive words more and more in myself every time I listen. How important it is for everyone to get a chance to unlock these things that are holding us back from truly feeling free to be our fun-loving selves.


Tracey’s work is phenomenal! After a session of Rapid Transformational Therapy I felt a deep shift had occurred inside me. I now have more confidence in myself and my abilities and feel like I view the world from a more positive perspective.
Since the session some exciting new work opportunities have come up and I feel ready to capable to embrace them.
Listening to the audio sessions kept reinforcing all the inner qualities I want to focus on and cement the new beliefs I wanted to embrace.
I feel that Tracey’s work has helped me to shift old patterns which didn’t serve me and help me to live life more fully and happily.
I would highly recommend Rapid Transformation Therapy to anyone wanting to move forward into a more fully expressed life.


Tracey is a highly gifted and very intuitive therapist. I have done more RTT sessions with other practitioners and I can honestly say that her session was one of the best. I absolutely loved the recording she made for me, she has an amazing and profound gift in blending the exact words and energy needed in the moment.The weeks after, big shifts happened in my life in also unexpected areas of my life. Tracey is very calm and respectful and her energy makes you immediately feel safe from the moment the session starts. I cannot recommend her enough if you are ready to make a change in you life.

Tracey was astounding: compassionate, intuitive, and highly skilled in helping me re-frame my experiences. The 13-minute voice recording was a joy to listen to each night. I’m happy to report I have seen important changes in my life in the area I asked Tracey to help with. I highly recommend her work. Thank you, Tracey!


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